JAC-Dan Trace form

    Covid is a very serious risk. So that we can contact you in the event of an outbreak within the university, we ask that you fill in this here form every time you visit an event, even if you scan any NHS Track and Trace. All data on here is stored in an excel document located in our google drive, with access being exclusive to committee members. This dataset will be stored until otherwise or until you withdraw your consent, you can do this by emailing nsujacdan@gmail.com or by contact the most current committee over on discord. The data is not stored on the website but will be accessible in the JAC-Dan email.

    When we are contacting people, we will start with the unvaccinated, then recently tested but not vaccinated and finally vaccinated. Vaccination won't change how infectious the disease is but will reduce the risk of hospitalisation in the event you are infected, therefore as mentioned we will contact those most at risk first.
    It is recommended that you test frequently, and complete 2 tests 3 days apart to best ensure others' safety.

    You need a UK phone number and email for us to contact you.

    By clicking submit, you've read and agreed with everything here.

    If you find you have contracted the virus since filling in this form and have attended the event, you MUST contact us at our email (nsujacdan@gmail.com) or/and discord