Welcome to JAC-Dan 2021 edition.


Hey there guys, this is your handsome, hardworking, treasurer speaking (JK on the handsome part)

Firstly, I’d like to apologise on behalf of my predecessors that the website has been pretty in-active for the worse part of 1/2 a decade. But from now on, I plan to keep this site updated and fresh with the latest events, committee lists and more. We’ll also post resources where we can so that you can invite your friends, and former students to our events, gauge interest and more.

Freshers fayre

First event we’ve got coming is freshers fayre. The NSU says this is gonna be the biggest fayre ever, and the society fayre is happening at the same time (Hip Hip hurray! – sarcasm) so we’re expecting a lot of eyes on our li’l stand. If you can, sign up there and help make our society bigger by dragging your friends along to our meetings, (Maybe get them a membership too!). After much deliberation, we decided to keep our membership price at just £3 (For both Current students and affiliates). This pays for most of the events.

In person events

Where covid status permits we will continue to try our best at making our events in person. Though you may want to keep an eye on here, or our other social medias (such as discord or twitter) for the latest information.

The new committee

So now we get to introduce ourselves, I know, but I wanted all of the important questions you all have answered right away. So here goes nothing!


GABS: A hella strong lady, gets things done, no questions asked. She is the one true master, the President of JAC-Dan and the one who made Among Us Friday a staple in the JAC-Dan Discord Server.

Luke: A Man on a mission, our latest resident artist and our go-to guy for forms and such as he is the most ultimate Secretary and he designed the posters you’ll see on the stand. He also suggested we get some prizes for the quiz (SHHH)

Alain: The ultimate otaku on all things electronic, a whiz kid on PowerPoint and a control freak on Excel and the man with the plan. Your Treasurer at your service. With my boots on the ground and negotiation tactics on point, I’ll make sure we get the funds we need for the events we hold dearest.


Last words

Thanks very much for reading this far, if you found it fun to read, wait until you meet my presentations, they’re even better! But annnnyyyy wayyyys…. please make sure to get yourself a membership for this year at https://www.mynsu.co.uk/getinvolved/society/jacdan/ and get yourself on discord for every friday night (including tomorrow) there’s a night of sus murders and committee backstabbing. Yes luke, we knew it was you who murdered the whole committee first. This is a limited time event that we’ll be continuing into next year, since we’ll still be doing hybrid on campus/at home learning.


Alain – Your friendly neighbourhood treasurer.


PS – There maybe some down as we update the website!

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