Welcome to JAC-Dan!

Welcome to JAC-Dan!

If you’re reading this, then you’ve expressed an interest in our society! The purpose of this post is to try and give you an overview of what we do.

JAC-Dan is a rapidly growing society with a focus on all things Japan. We are a multi-award winning society with an ever-expanding member base. Our friendly and accepting community is the most important aspect of what we do. We meet weekly to socialise, watch anime, East Asian movies and shows, play video games and learn about Japanese popular culture. We aim to create a friendly community and bring together those who have a shared interest in everything Japanese, from cosplay and manga, to anime and video games. The JAC-Dan community represents a diverse range of subcultures and fandoms (from furries to film lovers). Our hope is that our members will enjoy themselves whilst also having the opportunity to discover something new, learn about all aspects of Japanese culture, and expand their cultural knowledge and experiences.
Your Committee

(From left to right)
President – Connor Harris
Secretary – Blake Marriott
Social Secretary – Rhys Price
Treasurer – Ed Sanders
– Committee Support –
Veteran Shogun – Sam Lake
Resident DJ – Sophie Chilton
Annual Events
The closest thing to us is our Geek Quest, where we take you on a guided tour of Newcastle’s nerdiest places. Join us on the 24th of September as we show you places of interest (and where you can use your JAC-Dan membership discounts!) We’ll likely finish up at a Japanese restaurant for lunch. The event page for that will appear on Facebook soon.
JAC-Dan is perhaps most famously known for its Cosplay Clubnights, the next of which is in November. You can see the event page here.

A staple of Newcastle anime culture, our clubnights draw in cosplay enthusiasts from all over the North East. We normally have two or three of these a year, each one more popular than the last! They’re fantastic nights of dancing and drinking, and plenty of prizes to be won for the best costumes!
Next, we have our annual Christmas meal, which takes place at the end of the first semester. We’ll be going along to Fujiyama’s Teppenyaki restaurant. It’s a lovely evening of tasty tasty food with good friends and is always a lot of fun! There’s plenty of chance to laugh at members who try to catch an egg in a chefs hat, and to get the chefs to write words in rice for you. For a hint of what to expect, check out last year’s videos.
We have our own awards night! The Shiny and Totally Awesome Rewards (STARs) are a very serious and solemn affair, where we sensibly commend each other- no, I lied, it’s just for laughs. An excuse to dress formally, past awards have involved Most Likely to Sing at an Inappropriate Time, Most Likely to Become an Anime Protagonist, and the coveted Rear of the Year award. Out of this chaos is one serious award though, the Dan of the Year, awarded to a member who has made a significant contribution to the society and deserves recognition for it. (The 2012 winner of the award legally changed his middle name to Dan because of it. No lie. We still love you Jake!)
During the year, we also organise meetups to local conventions such as Sunnycon Anime Expo, King Con, and SciFair. We go to Japanese restaurants in the area, such as Tenji, Nudos, and of course Shijo, where we get a 10% discount. (Blake is single-handedly financing that man’s entire family.)

Finally, our biggest event- SI-Con! Standing for Special Interest Convention, we team up with other geeky societies to deliver a days’ worth of fun and games before an evening of dancing to a mix of nerd culture-inspired music and the regular stuff. Winner of Best Event or Activity at the NSU Annual Awards 15/16, SI-Con has proven just how popular a combined effort between smaller societies can be. With rave reviews, fabulous freebies, terrific tournaments, and a load of other stuff I can’t be bothered to think of alliteration for, it’s an event you won’t want to miss. This normally takes place around January, so keep an eye out!


Weekly Events
Our weekly meetings consist of a rotation of events. Every other week, we have a screening, usually of whichever anime we’ve voted in for the semester. Suggestions are put to a public poll on our Facebook page. We also screen movies (both animated and live action.) In between screening weeks, we have regular talks and activities. Topics such as cosplay, kendo, kabuki, origami, sumo, tea, theatre, spirituality and many more are covered. If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to see us cover, let us know! We try to make these talks interactive where possible- for example, our cosplay talks end with the Iron Cosplay competition, where teams must recreate a costume to the best of their ability using limited supplies and time. The results are disastrous but amusing:

Come on now, you know you want a part of that.

We also do things like semesterly quiz nights, group role-playing nights, and other stuff that I can’t remember right now. Totally fun and super cool though.
Next Meeting
Our first meeting of the academic year is on the 20th of September, at 6PM, likely in Room 0026 in Lipman Building, but watch out in case that changes. We will be having our introductory welcome session for this years’ Freshers (and welcome back for you lot.) The Facebook event can be found here (you will need to be part of our Facebook group to access it.)
The next meeting after that will be on the 27th, same time, same place. We will likely be watching whatever anime we voted for in the first meeting.

Thank you very much for your interest and support.

Sam Lake
Veteran Shogun