JAC-Dan Monthly Email: March 2015


Hello all,

You sit down on the weightlifting bench and reach for a fresh towel. This training room will get you to the physical peak you know you can reach. Being an Olympic athlete is stressful stuff, but you’ve got the impressive stamina and sweaty determination to go for the gold. You take a swig from your bottle and wipe the residue from your lips. You’re drinking milk, as normal- it’s the only way to be properly hydrated. You lay down and prepare to lift the heaviest weight on the bar (just to prove how STRONG you are) and as you do so, your loyal personal trainer, Arthor, reads out the weightlifting regulations for the gym. He likes to make sure you’re safe. But the gym must have changed them since you were there last, for they sound rather like your update on all things JAC-Dan.
As you are all now probably aware, our AGM is this month. We’ll be having it in the meeting of the 24th and it would mean the world if you could try to make it- it’s the most important meeting of the year. I’ll send another email shortly with all of the details.
Also,the money for those of you who attended the Christmas Meal has been returned to us, and we’re happy to report that we’ve managed to get you £14.50 each! Might not seem a huge deal, but it adds up >_< If you haven’t yet collected it from me, you can do so at the weekly meetings, or contact me through this email or Facebook and we’ll sort something out. There’s only like three of you left now, but even so be sure to collect it BEFORE the AGM, otherwise it’s gone!
Last Month
Last month we got up to a couple of things- firstly, we had a talk on Japanese mythology given by ex-pres Matthew Tinn.
We learned that the Japanese have some odd beliefs, but then again, so do most mythos! The talk was wonderfully educational and we all walked away knowing stuff we probably didn’t know anything about beforehand.
We also had a manga drawing workshop, lead by member Sophie Chilton. There were some *ahem* interesting drawings provided by you lot.
DSC_0545 DSC_0548​There was also a Zabuza draw-off which was probably a long time coming. If I get time, I’ll scan those artistic pieces in.

Photos for both practicals can be found in our miscellaneous album on the Facebook page.
We have received an email from Professor Anna Madill at the School of Psychology at the University of Leeds asking to inform you of a survey she’d like us to take a look at. It’s, uh, about yaoi. If you’re a disgusting pervert (which is 90% of you) then do take a look. It’s for science.
Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on the 3rd, at 6PM, in Room 031 in Lipman Building. We will be watching the last episode of Noragami and then having the next anime vote. You can find all of the potential choices on the event page.
The next meeting after that will be on the 10th, same time, same place. We will be hosting a Japanese language workshop, so come along to learn some basic Japanese phrases and kanji.
Thank you very much for your continued interest and support.
Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President