JAC-Dan AGM Details

Hello all,
I’ve bleated on about this a lot, I know, but our Annual General Meeting is coming up. For those of you who don’t frequent the Facebook page that much, here’s how it’s going down.

This is the most important meeting of the year for any society, where we vote in the new committee for the 2015/2016 academic year. If you would like to be a part of our next committee, you must be a current student of Northumbria University, have paid for full membership to JAC-Dan, and have enough free time to spare for your responsibilities. Here’s a brief rundown of the positions available and what they entail.

In charge of the society, simply put. Whilst other committee members help with your roles, you have the final say. You oversee organising and researching events, socials, trips, and anything else that requires it. Additionally, you maintain contact with external links, ensure everything that needs to be prepared has been prepared, and above all else, make sure your members are happy! To be a good president, you need to have drive and ambition. You need to have ideas for what you’d like to do with the society, where you’re going to take it, and how you’re going to make it grow.

The secretary position is mainly associated with the background work in the society. Examples from this year are things such as booking rooms, contributing towards events within the society, help with suggesting content for the votes, etc. Other than those roles, the secretary is to support the president and assist them with their duties. They will also help with ideas suggested, as in looking into suggestions for events, and then perform checks on them such as plausibility including risk assessments and general interest. Overall what you will need will be some knowledge, commitment to the society, and spare time.

The treasurer’s job is to manage the accounts of the society, and make sure there is enough money to put on events and certain weekly meetings. They are also responsible for the grant applications and presentations each semester, which requires them to list all the potential expenses the society will have and provide evidence of them. They will also be responsible for advising the committee on what would and wouldn’t be a wise purchase, and keeping the expenditure in check. Finally they are responsible for managing the petty cash forms and both the deposit and grant accounts of the society.

Anyone wishing to run for a position should prepare a small speech as to why you believe you are the ideal candidate for your selected position, and be prepared to answer questions after delivering it at the AGM. Any questions anyone has can be sent to me or the committee and we’ll do our best to answer them. The AGM is on the 24th of March, as part of our weekly meeting. (Which is at 6pm, Lipman 031 as always.) I really hope you can attend!

Thank you all very much,

Sam Lake
Soon-to-be-Ex JAC-Dan President