JAC-Dan Monthly Email: February 2015


Hello all,
You shuffle some important evidence into it’s proper folder and adjust your tie as the trial begins. This courtroom conundrum will finally prove your worth as an amazing lawyer. An ace attorney, if you will. Being a rookie law graduate in the dark and confusing legal system is heavy stuff, but you’ve got the sharp mind and quick thinking to reach a fair verdict. You take a lollipop out of its’ wrapper and put it in your mouth as the prosecution delivers it’s opening statement. You’re eating a red one- red is the most delicious colour, after all. As your legal opponent talks, something doesn’t sit wright with you. “Objection!” you shout, for the prosecution has stopped delivering the opening statement, and has instead started to deliver your monthly update on all things JAC-Dan!
Last month saw us finish watching Daily Lives of High School Boys, and start Noragami. As of the time of writing, we’ve only seen the first episode of that. Remember, if you want to check out our progress on any anime, the link to our anime list is at the bottom of this email.

We also held a tea ceremony workshop, where I gave a talk on tea, and ended up saying “tea” far too many times. I’m teally sorry.
We gave you the opportunity to try some tea, made in a way almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the actual ceremony. The tea was made far too strong, for which I apologize- but I had zilch experience in making it -_-
Coming up next month is the society’s Annual General Meeting. This is the most important meeting of the year for any society, where we vote in the new committee for the 2015/2016 academic year. If you would like to be a part of our next committee, you must:
  • Be a current student of Northumbria University
  • Have paid for full membership to JAC-Dan
  • Have enough free time to spare for your responsibilities

The AGM will take place mid-March. The roles of President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be available. Anyone wishing to run for any of them should prepare a small speech as to why you believe you are the ideal candidate for your selected position, and be prepared to answer questions after delivering it at the AGM. Any questions anyone has can be sent to me or the committee and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Unofficial Events
We’re always interested in setting up unofficial events for you guys, and we’re going to make more of an effort towards that soon. We’d love your feedback on what kind of stuff you’d like to do. Ideas such as Laser Questing, Paintballing, Go-Karting, etc. have been made mention of, so if it’s shown there’s enough support, we’ll arrange something like that. Make your voices heard through the regular channels.
Convention season is pretty much upon us now, and JAC-Dan is all over that kind of stuff. We try to make as many of these as we can, so here’s a list of upcoming local conventions you may see us at.
Sunderland Comic Con (21st-22nd February)
Tyneside Comic Con (11th April)
Sunnycon 2015 (26th28th June)
KingCon 2 (October)
Pages arranging to meet and travel to these events will be made nearer to the time, if there’s an interest. (You may also bump into me if you go to Manchester MCM, but it’s a bit out of the way for a society visit =P)
Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on the 10th, at 6PM, in Room 031 in Lipman Building. We will be hosting a talk on Japanese mythology.
The next meeting after that will be on the 10th, same time, same place. We will be having a regular screening week for Noragami.
As always, thank you very much for your continued interest and support.

Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President