JAC-Dan Monthly Email: January 2015


Hello all,

You race down a¬†hallway and dart around the corner as you avoid running into any other students. You’re late for class and you can’t afford another detention! Being a student at this prestigious educational institution is hard work, but you’ve got the booksmarts and willpower to get amazing grades. You pray your English teacher isn’t there yet- he’s supposedly a Lord or something. That’s just how fancy this place is. But as you crash through the classroom door, you can see it is too late- he is already here. He glares at you, and you sheepishly make your way to your desk. You can see he’s already writing up today’s presentation on the board, which appears to be a study on this month’s update on all things JAC-Dan.
It’s officially 2015, which means we’re now living in the future! Although there’s no commercially-available flying cars, pizza rehydrators, or self-drying jackets. Goddamn it Marty McFly, you lied to us. I hope you all had an awesome Christmas, and ate way too much like I did. If we’ve all put on a bit of belly, it’ll look fashionable.

It’ll shortly be time to return to uni- boo. But hey, on the plus side, that means JAC-Dan is back on! There is some good news, after all.
Last month we had our Christmas meal at Fujiyama’s. It was a pretty awesome night, with wonderful company, and of course spectacular food. It was awesome to share the evening with those of you that came, I had a truly amazing night. And we hope you did too!

The rest of the album can be found on our Facebook page. Thank you to Connor Harris who allowed us to use some of his photos. The money we will be handing out to attendees will be with us shortly- it’s taking a while because of those who said they were going and never paid their deposit -_-

JAC-Dan Annual STARs
We also held the first annual Shiny and Totally Awesome Rewards last month. Although rather short in duration, it was a good laugh and seemed well received! We very much appreciated those of you who bothered to attend to the sodding dress code, you looked very smart. The rest of you are shameful. Dishonour on you, dishonour on your cow.

The winners were:
Biggest Drunkard: Jonathan Erwin-b
Worst Taste In Anime: Ryan Taylor
Rear of the Year: Dollii Jelly
Best Newcomer: Connor Harris
Best Dressed: Florida Mirza
Scariest Member: Kim Bowles
Most Knowledgeable: Matthew Tinn
Biggest Ego: Adam Smith
Best Dancer: Josh Barney
Most Likely to Become a Protagonist: Andrew Panda Huxley-Jones
And the winner of our hallowed Dan of The Year award is Daria Holden.

Thank you for suggesting members! Except if you suggested Zabuza. I hate you for that.

Photos on the Facebook page!

We’ll soon be appealing for this semester’s grant, and hope to get as much cash money dolla dolla bills from the SU as possible. We have a few ideas for things we’d like to do this semester, but if you have anything you’d like to see us do, now is the time to tell us! If you suggest it soon enough, we can beg for funding for it. That’s how capitalism works, kids.

Suggestions can be sent to this email address, posted on Facebook, in person, etc. All the regular channels are open!
Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on the 13th, at 6PM, in Room 031 in the Lipman Building. We’ll be watching a movie (as of yet undecided, suggestions welcome), so that those of you who still have exam prep to do won’t be missing the vote.
The next meeting after that will be on the 20th, same time, same place. We will be having this semester’s anime vote, and subsequent viewing, and be starting meetings for this semester proper. Hope to see you all soon! It’s been too long.
Thank you very much for your continued interest and support.

Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President