JAC-Dan Monthly Update: December 2014


Hello all,
You wipe the sweat off your brow with your hand as you toil over the burning furnace beside you. Being a master ironmonger is gruelling stuff, but you’ve got the impressive muscular structure and stamina to get things done. You’re currently crafting the umpteenth broadsword of the day- your wares are very popular among the kingdom, and as such you have a lot of irons in your fire. All of them, in fact. You lift the sword from the forge and dunk it into the cooling water, then go to check the parchment that the order is on. But something seems odd about this order… Why, you could swear it looks like your update on all things JAC-Dan!
The Iron Cosplay event took part last month, which saw a lot of crepe paper going to waste as we wrapped each other up in it. After a cosplay talk that I led, teams of 6 or so were given a costume to make only out of the limited supplies we had at hand. The results were in equal parts horrific and impressive.
We also had our semesterly quiz recently, which was a lot of fun. Great to see so many people turning up for that! Everyone had a great laugh and the crude drawings of Magical Girl Jon will forever be seared into my retinas. I don’t believe I got any pictures of that- but it was cool.
Winter Clubnight
Last month we had our first ever Winter Clubnight with the lovely folks at CVGS. Aside from some (read: many) screwups from the SU, it was a great night and we really enjoyed seeing you all. Congrats to Kim Bowles who won first place in our cosplay competition for her Temari from Naruto cosplay. Hope she spends her £20 gift voucher to Forbidden Planet well!

There are some more photos on our Facebook page, so check those out.
Not a lot on as we’re coming to the end of this semester, but we do have a few things to occupy you this December! Two particular events stand out, and they are:
JAC-Dan STARs 2014
Join us for an evening of glitz, glamour, and a third thing beginning with ‘g’, as your charming host Sam Lake presents the JAC-Dan STARs! A wonderful evening of mirth and merriment, the Shiny and Totally Awesome Rewards are a chance for us to look back at the year so far and celebrate our many, uh, ‘achievements’. With you, the grimy commoners, voting for who you think deserve these covented trophies, this really is a community driven event.Who could have been the biggest drunkard? Who has the worst taste in anime? And who will win the greatest award JAC-Dan has to offer- the coveted DAN OF THE YEAR?! Well, don’t look at me, the votes aren’t in yet. Just to clarify, the winner will receive an actual trophy plaque engraved with the category they’ve won on- and that’s pretty bloody awesome if you ask me.If you’ve not yet voted on whom you want to win the awards, you can have your say here,

Since this is such a prestigious and fancy event, the dress code is strictly black-tie- think tuxedos and sparkly dresses. The punishment for failing to show up in your best will be a judgmental glare and a few people tutting.

Christmas Meal

We’ll be having our Christmas meal this Saturday, at Fujiyama teppanyaki restaurant. It’ll be on the 6th of December. If you’ve not RSVP’d yet, it’s too late. But for those of you who have, look forwards to it! It’ll be a great evening of food and laughs so get hype for that.

If you haven’t already given me your deposit, I need it before Saturday. I’ve already paid our deposit to claim the booking out of my own pocket so I need that money back. I’ll be chasing you up if you haven’t paid! Thank you to those who have.
A quick note- only set meals on the Christmas menu will be available. If you’d like to order a meal that includes lobster on the day, you should contact the restaurant and let them know. They only order that in on request.
The plan is to meet at the Student’s Union at 8PM, then set off around 8:30PM for a walk down to the restaurant. We’re booked in for 9PM. If you want to meet us at the restaurant instead, that’s fine.

If you need a reminder of the details, you can always check the event page.

Next Meeting
Our final meeting for this year will be on the 9th, same time, same place. We will be hosting the first annual JAC-Dan STARs, an awards ceremony where we celebrate our members’ accomplishments thusfar! If we have time afterwards, we shall be watching the last of the Baccano! OVAs.
As always, thank you very much for your continued interest and support. Have a great winter break and festive period, and we’ll see you in the new year!
Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President