JAC-Dan Monthly Update: November 2014

Hello all,
You burst into the Accident and Emergency ward and put on your glasses. Your pager has just alerted you that you’re needed rather urgently- there’s a life on the line. Being the greatest and most attractive doctor in this hospital is tough going, but you’ve got the facial symmetry and dramatic personality to make it happen. You half speed-walk, half jog to the patient’s bedside and see that your trusty team of nurses have already prepped the patient, wiping away blood and applying bandages. “It’s not good, Doctor,” the closest nurse says, restraining herself from swooning in your presence, “he fell down several flights of stairs.” You growl. You’ve warned countless youngsters about stairs. You’ve told them, bro. Moving around this patients’ bedside, you grab his medical chart and take a look. But these results seem familiar… too familiar… they almost look like your monthly update on all things JAC-Dan!
Your committee is furiously hard at work sorting things out for next month. We have so many ideas and plans, so we’re very busy! You can rest easy knowing we’re doing our best to make sure you have the best time you can here at JAC-Dan. Things we’re currently on with:
  • Organizing the Winter Clubnight (see below for more)
  • Sorting the Christmas Meal
  • Applying for grants
  • Fixing things for next year
  • Planning the JAC-Dan STARs (ooh, mysterious!)
  • Looking into bigger and better things to put on next year
  • And other things which are still in the preliminary planning stages.
If you have any ideas for things you want to see us do, let us know! Sure we can fit it in somewhere ^_^
Winter Clubnight

A second clubnight? In one year?! Impossible! Unthinkable! But we’re gonna do it anyway.

Yes, it’s true, at one point the annual Cosplay Clubnight was, well, an annual event. But since we had so much fun doing the last one, we’ve decided to make it a twice-a-year thing! We’ll be taking over Red’s Bar once again for an evening of costuming and dancing. Prizes will of course be give to the best costumes!

We are also lucky that CVGS are joining us in hosting this, which means some sweet video game tunes will be added to the normal mash of J-Pop, K-Pop, J-Rock, and current stuff.

It’ll be taking place late November. Entry is £3 to current members JAC-Dan and CVGS members with a valid membership card, and £5 to those foolish people without one. Look to our Facebook page every now and then to see when we put more details up, as they’re still being worked out.
They wouldn’t let me name it that, unfortunately.
Just a reminder that after our meeting tonight, we’re holding our Halloween Phoenix event with RocSoc up in Red’s Bar in the SU! Entry is £3 to all members with a valid membership card with either society, and £5 to those without. It should be a good night, so don your cosplays and come and support us! As always, lovely prizes on offer. Feel free to turn up to our meeting costumed up!
Help Us Out!
We’re always looking to put on new events, and as devastatingly talented as we are, sadly there are some things (quite a lot really) that your committee just can’t do. This is where you could help us out!Do you have a special talent involving Japanese culture? Perhaps you’re fluent in Japanese, or can draw manga like a regular Tite Kubo. If you think you’ve got some skills that could help us put on more cultural events, contact us! JAC-Dan is a very community driven society, and with your help, we can put on bigger and better things. For example, current member Daria Holden has lead a few origami workshops for us. Things like that are exactly what we’re on about. Send us an email if you’d like to contribute to making amazing activities with us!

On a related note- if there is anything you’d like to see us cover or lead a talk/workshop on, send in your suggestions! We will try and make as many cultural things happen as possible. Your feedback shapes the society.

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is tonight, at 6PM, in Room 031 in Lipman Building. We will be screening the live action film Gantz, based on the manga of the same name. The event page for that is here.
The next meeting after that will be on the 11th, same time, same place. We will be continuing our run through of Baccano.
Apologies this email is a few days late, second year is not being kind to this small shota boy. As always, thank you very much for your continued interest and support.
Sam Lake
JAC-Dan Presiden