JAC-Dan Monthly Update: October 2014

Hello all,

The crowd roars around you as you ascend the steps to your luxurious sofa-throne. You adjust the laurel wreath on your head as you sit. Being the Emperor of Rome is a tough job, but you’re stern and bloodthirsty enough to make it work. Gazing around the Coliseum, you can tell that the crowd are eager for some fresh blood too. “Look, Your Emperorness,” your consort, Maximus, points out, “fresh meat!” Gazing down at the sand-covered arena floor, you can see he’s right. New gladiators (or ‘freshers’ as you like to call them) have indeed arrived. You’re eager for your reigning fighters to show them who’s boss. You clear your throat, and trumpets sound as you prepare to make your introductory speech. Unfurling the scroll Maximus hands you, you begin to read- but the fool has mixed up the scrolls! This is no introductory speech- this is your monthly update on all things JAC-Dan!
Well, the freshers are well and truly settled in now. It’s wonderful to have you all on board with us! We hope you’ll stick around and have a lot of fun in our society. Most of us are decent enough (except that guy with the Aquaman tattoo and glasses, I’d look out for him.) Here’s what’s going on in the society this month.
Anime Quest

Last month was the annual Anime Quest, a valiant tour that took us to Forbidden Planet, Animez, and Travelling Man, to name a few. We ended up finishing in Yo! Sushi at the Metrocentre, which was a delicious idea indeed.


​Just look at those happy faces. Especially that dude in the blue shirt. He’s having a whale of a time.

Hopefully we’ll be visiting more restaurants this year, but it’s all money dependent really! Eating at these places is a luxury, after all. Us students are merely stylish peasants at the end of the day.

Ohh, man. It is a good month to be a member of JAC-Dan. What a lineup we have planned up for you guys! Honestly, we’re so proud of this, so we’re just gonna dive straight in here and spill the beans.

What a titan of an event this will be. The mighty talents of JAC-Dan have teamed up with the relentless RocSoc, the charming Computer and Video Games Society, and the gorgeous Games and Role Playing society to bring you an event you shan’t soon forget! After months of planning, SI-CON is finally upon us. Designed to combine the complementary interests of each society, this should prove to be a real treat with lots to interest you. On the 7th of October, get yourself down to Red’s Bar, and enjoy the delights we have in store for you!

Opening at 4PM, CVGS and GRP will be the main focus. Both societies will be holding tournaments throughout the day, with plenty of goodies to be won. CVGS will have Tekken 3, Guitar Hero, and other multiplayer tournaments to attract you gamers, and for those of you who prefer more classic entertainment, GRP will have various card games and even a Buckaroo competition. There’s sure to be good fun and plenty of opportunity to meet new people here so it’ll be a good laugh.

JAC-Dan will be hanging about all day with various cultural activities and workshops, but we’ll be taking centre stage at 9PM with a whole host of competitions, all with amazing prizes too, as is our style. Dance-offs, cosplay judging, and more will be on offer, so make sure to come dressed as your favourite characters and bring those funky moves to bag some sweet loot.

And then at 10PM, RocSoc will take over and host another brilliant Phoenix! Resident DJ Arterius will be back with the best mix of alt and rock tracks this side of the Tyne. Phoenix is always an amazing night, and with the might of four amazing societies there, this will be one event you simply can’t afford to miss.

Tickets are £3 to members holding a membership card with any of the societies involved, and £5 to regular folk. The event page can be found here. Tell your friends!

(Because of the all day nature of this event, there will be no weekly meeting on the 7th. And SI-Con stands for Special Interests Convention, so stop asking me -_-)
Halloween Phoenix

Holy inter-society events, Batman! We just can’t get enough of RocSoc. We’re sticking with them for their November Phoenix, and lending our costume expertise to their Halloween shindig. With amazing prizes for the best costume, and an awesome blend of rock and J-Rock, this will prove to be quite the enjoyable evening. If you’ve never been to a Phoenix before, come and check out this one, and watch RocSoc do what they do best!

(Which is get drunk and listen to rock music. They’re a very glamourous lot, really.)

With JAC-Dan’s unique spin on an already brilliant evening, this is a night well worth coming along to.
It’ll be on the 4th of November, in Red’s Bar. Doors open at 10PM and we’ll be there for a good 4 hours getting our dance on. Get your name down on the guestlist (when the event page is up- check Facebook regularly for that) for £3 entry.

(More details TBA later on in the month.)

Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on the 14th, at 6PM, in Room 031 in Lipman Building. We will be continuing with our Beyond the Bondary screening.
The next meeting after that will be on the 21st, same time, same place.
Thank you very much for your continued interest and support.
Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President