JAC-Dan Monthly Update: August 2014

Hello all,
You dismount from your trusty steed and begin to walk across the cobblestoned floor outside of your castle. Being the reigning monarch of Ye Olde England is tough work, but you’ve got the sense of justice and beautiful flowy hair to handle it. Having just returned from a war with some Vikings or something, you feel tired, and in need of some rest. Preferably with a bottle of mead not too far away. But first, you must meet with your sorcerous advisor, an old and wrinkled man who wears purple robes and consults with ancient and mysterious majiks. You wouldn’t normally believe in this kind of thing but he’s not failed you yet. Ascending the steps of his tower, you let yourself in, and cross the room to meet him at his apothecary table. “Ah, our gracious leader has returned,” he says, “would you care to see what the fates have in store for you?” You tell him yes, and he pours many strange liquids into his cauldron. After a few stirs, writing begins forming on the surface. It’s hard to make out initially, but it slowly forms into what you can only describe as your monthly update on all things JAC-Dan.

There really is nothing occurring at the minute =/ This sunny interim doesn’t hold a lot of excitement for us at JAC-Dan, as most of us are still back home. There’s one or two group events still happening every now and then though, so keep an eye out for them! This is going to be a very short email because of this, but hopefully next month’s will be longer. Fresh meat- sorry, Freshers- will be coming up then, and oh, what fun we have in store for them =D
Membership Cards
By the time you read this, your JAC-Dan memberships will have all expired! What cruel and malicious fiends could have planned this?! Well, it’s us. We want more of your cash. Sorry about that. Fortunately for you (and our bank account), new memberships are already available. Isn’t that coincidental? Membership for the 2014/15 academic year lasts from the 1st of August 2014 to the 31st of July 2015. If you’re a current student at any university, a Northumbria Uni staff member, or Northumbria alumni, we’ll offer it to you, dear fellow, at the low, low price of £3.00. That’s £0.00822p per day for the year! I literally cannot believe how cheap that is. Except I can, because I set it to that. You’re welcome.If you don’t fall within any of that criteria, membership is £5.00, and grants you all the benefits except participation in the Annual General Meeting. I don’t set the rules, homes. Well, I do, just not that one. My immense power stretches only so far.

Remember that you get discounts at Forbidden Planet Newcastle, Animez, and Travelling Man Newcastle with one of those bad boys, as well as other shops that sign on throughout the year, hopefully. We’re always looking into getting more discounts on the cards!Plus all your friends will be jealous. Especially Jim. Imagine his face as you wave you brand new shiny membership card at him. He’ll be positively green.

Speak to a member of the committee for more information. Don’t sign up on the NSU page- it still claims it’s £5, which it hasn’t been in years -_- I’m working to get that fixed and I’ll let you know as and when the SU changes it. Don’t hold out hope that’ll be soon however -_-
Manchester MCM Expo 2014
Last month, myself and some others attended Manchester MCM! And by others I mean my friends from home -_- didn’t see any of you horrible lot! You missed out, it was a great day filled with costumes and expensive geeky stuff. But then again, there’s always next year =P
We’re planning a trip to the beach next week, so check out the Facebook page for info on that. It should be a fun day, as long as nobody burns! Also keep looking for other events that we’ll be planning.
As always, thank you very much for your interest and support.

Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President