JAC-Dan Monthly Update: July 2014

Hello all,

You stride on to the deck of your majestic vessel, the Turbulent Ostrich. Your crew scurry about on deck, tying ropes, securing knots, and maintaining the upkeep of the ship. As captain of them all, you keep a stern eye on their behaviour and diligence, but you also have a reputation for being fair. The uneven bob of the sea keeps you rolling back and to, but you’re used to it by now. As you pass the ship’s wheel, the Skipper nods their head towards you. All respect the captain. As you survey the ocean around you, your First Mate approaches. “Cap’pn,” they say, “found this in a bottle, floatin’ in the water it were!” You take the bottle they are holding and pull the cork out. Inside is a battered piece of parchment, torn at the edges. Your eyes scan the writing on it, and you can just about make out the scribblings of this month’s update on all things JAC-Dan.
There isn’t a great deal happening at the minute to be perfectly honest! Most of our members have absconded back home for the intermission, leaving those of us up in Newcastle with not a lot to do -_- However, that doesn’t mean JAC-Dan isn’t busy! We’ve been planning some rather lovely stuff for next year, and to be honest I’m on the bloody hype train about it. I’m not going to spoil the surprise (unless you get me tipsy in which case I will probably blabber about it) but safe to say it should be pretty entertaining! What I will say is that you can expect more variety in our meetings next year, more unofficial meets, and a few inter-society events too, hopefully!
Ooh, the suspense.
Sunnycon 2013
Some of us went to Sunnycon this month. It was a fun weekend with plenty of costumes and things to do!

If you look closely, you can see two regular alcoholi- uhhh, members!
Nice to see some familiar faces there, and it’s always great to support the local con scene. Remember to regularly check our Facebook page to see if any of us are off to any more local events!
This month, BABYMETAL are playing at London’s The Forum, after upgrading to a new venue because they underestimated how many people would go!
I think you’ll agree, it makes me hella jelly.
Other Things
Also happening this month is Manchester MCM Expo! I’ll be attending both days and I hope to see some of you there =)

Also, a reminder for those of you who hold membership cards- they will expire at the end of this month, so if you need to use that oh-so-lovely discount in any participating shops, well, you’d better hurry! =P
Once again, thank you very much for your interest and support.
Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President