JAC-Dan Monthly Update: May 2014

Hello all,

Has it only been a month since we last met? I’ve missed you terribly. Yes, you. You look wonderful today, by the way. I like what you’ve done with your hair. I’ve brought you a present to make up for the absence, I think you’ll like it. Yes, that’s right, I’ve brought you your monthly update on all things JAC-Dan!
Steamy Shenanigans
We’ve set up an official Steam group for those of you on there! Join us for a bit of gaming fun. Over the holidays, we’ll try to set up some gaming events to keep you busy and in touch with the rest of your fellow society members!
Society Awards
The SU Society Awards happened at the beginning of April, and myself and current member Nabs Aziz attended! A few of our members were nominated for awards:
JP Noon for Best Secretary
Chris Lydiat for Best Supporting Member
Sam Lake for Unsung Hero
But as per the norm, none of us won a sausage. It’s a popularity contest, really!
There was free pizza though, so silver linings.
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Cosplay Clubnight
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It’s almost time for our Cosplay Clubnight! If you’ve not bought tickets yet don’t worry, there’s still a couple of days to get them! They can be bought at Animez, or the SU main desk. Alternatively, meet up with me, and I’ll flog you one =D
To those with tickets, I hope your costumes are ready! I can’t wait to see them all =)
It’s exam season right now, so we won’t be meeting up at official meetings for a while. However, we’re still trying to put some events on! Our Social Secretary Tom is trying to arrange some unofficial meet-ups- if you have any suggestions for him, send them through the normal ways.
I’ll also be trying to come with some events and things to keep you occupied so look out for them =)
Thank you very much for your interest and support.
Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President