JAC-Dan Monthly Update: April 2014

Hello all,

It’s now April and the cherry blossoms are coming out (maybe not here, but somewhere, presumably!) The new committee has been settled in for a month now and organisation is picking up speed. So to let you know what’s going on, here’s your monthly update on all things JAC-Dan.
Last Month Recap
As well as getting through a deal of Studio Ghibli movies, including My Neighbour Totoro, The Cat Returns, and Nausicaa, we got a good way through Attack on Titan too. We’re done with Ghibli now, and only have a few more episodes of AoT to get through, so it’ll soon be time to vote for the next anime we watch! Suggestions are welcome; send them through the usual channels.
Origami Session
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As was advertised last email, we held an origami session. It was a lot of fun and seemed to be enjoyed by all! Because this successful event got a better turn out than normal, next year we will be introducing more interactive meetings like this.
If you are a member of our Facebook group, you can view the full album of photos here.
Annual Cosplay Clubnight
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We are pleased to announce the date of our upcoming Cosplay Clubnight! We will be hosting this event on the 3rd of May. The cost will be £5 on the door, £4 if you buy in advance, and £3 for members with a valid JAC-Dan card. Tickets are available at the next meeting, and at the Student’s Union desk.
We will be playing a host of the latest and greatest music straight out of Japan, as well as giving prizes for the best costumes!
If you have any music you’d like to hear during the event, contact us and we’ll try to get it played for you. No, “Put A Donk On It” will not feature -_-
It’s on from 9PM until 1AM, so come to Red’s bar in the Student Union for an evening of dancing, cosplay, and fun!
Newcastle Con
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Last weekend we hosted a table at the Newcastle Anime and Japanese Culture Convention, in Eldon Leisure. It was lovely to see those of you who attended, and came to say hi!
For a first time convention, it was quite impressive. There was a decent number of cosplayers, and some rather significant guests- including the Consul General of Japan! We were also treated to a rare Iaijustu technique, where two people cut the same log at the same time whilst facing each other, a move known by only four people in the world! If you didn’t come, you missed out on some fantastic Japanese culture!
(There was also this lovely little maid cafe set up, and I drank so much tea they gave me free cake as being their most regular customer =3 what can I say, I like tea and maids! =D)
We had fun being there. the musicians were entertaining and the Kendo demonstrations were impressive. Hopefully we might get some of that stuff into our meetings!
If you are a member of our Facebook group, you can see the photos from the event here.
Next Meeting
Our next meeting is on the 2nd of April, at 6PM, in Room 031 in Lipman Building. We will be hosting a big fat geeky quiz, with prizes to be won for those brainy enough, so come on down and prove how much you know! The Facebook page for that is here.
That will probably be the last meeting for this semester. We’ll keep you updated on when the next meeting will be, but right now we don’t know.
Thank you very much for your interest and support!
Samuel Lake
JAC-Dan President