Welcome To The Society!

Well, it’s almost September; which marks that time in the year when we get out, promote the society, and have new people discover us!

To newcomers, welcome! We’ve got a lot happening in welcome week to introduce you to the society, and you’ll definitely enjoy it. Everything you need to know about the society is provided on this site, from what the society is all about, meeting times and dates, to who the committee are and contact information. That can all be found through the links at the top menu, mainly the About and Committee pages.

We’ve also got plenty of ways to keep in touch and be an active member, from our brand new forum and Twitter, to our Facebook group and newsletters. Don’t worry that there’s not a lot on the forum at the moment – we can all soon change that in the next few weeks as everyone gets back up to speed. Feel free to sign up and get posting! Make sure to post in the introductions thread first, and I’ll be around to give you the key to the main board.

Being active on the website and forum brings you all the society news first. Why bother waiting until the next meeting when you can come online and see it as soon as the committee know it?

Our vision is to make JAC-Dan more than just a society, and create one of the best Japanese culture communities in the North East. So sign up, get involved and make it yours.

Introduction out of the way; here’s the key dates and events:

Calligraphy & Art Event – Monday 17th September – 12:00pm – 2:00pm – Training Rooms 1 & 2

We start the week with our Calligraphy & Art Welcome Week event. Held in Training Rooms 1 & 2 in the SU, you’ll be able to have a go at traditional Japanese calligraphy as well as sample our art night which will be held later in the semester. All art materials will be provided. As we are limited on budget we’re only able to provide a limited amount of calligraphy materials, so you can also grab up pens and pencils and craft your own anime and manga style art.

Society and Volunteering Fair – Wednesday 19th September – 10:00am – 4:00pm – Domain

So, you want to join us? Come along to the Society and Volunteering Fair and come and see us! You’ll be able to talk with the committee and ask about anything you want to know about the society, as well as socialise with current members. We hope to have an amazing stall for you guys, including some free food! Plus if you pay to join the society on the day, come back to the stall and hand your receipt to us with your name written on the back and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win some awesome swag, courtesy of Animez.

Metro Centre Trip – Saturday 22nd September – 11:00am – 8:00pm – Meet Outside the SU

If you didn’t know already, the Metro Centre has a good sized Namco arcade. With arcades still a big part of Japanese gaming culture, it makes sense for us to pop in! We will be meeting up in front of the Students Union at about 11am, then taking the train across. (Train tickets are about £2-3.) We’ll grab lunch then head into the arcade. When people get bored we can have a wander around. Around 6pm we plan on taking whoever wants to go to YoSushi, which is just above the arcade.

First JAC-Dan Meeting – Tuesday 25th September – 6:00pm – 9:00pm – Lipman 034

Are you ready for some epic fun?! You better be! Our first meeting will feature a ton of fun and games with a Japanese theme to get you introduced to the society. We’ll also be having our first anime vote, where you choose what you want to watch from a range of anime selected by the committee.

And that’s the line-up! If you’ve made it this far, here’s a cookie: O

We really hope we get a load of you guys signing up this year, as we have a lot of great things planned we want you to enjoy. We do hope to see you at our welcome week events and throughout the year at our meetings!

And do join the forums!

Matt — President